Stica H5

One-Stop Interactive
Marketing Platform

Stica H5

One-Stop Interactive
Marketing Platform

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Customized Design
Logo Branding
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Marketing Solution
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Design Services

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Offline Marketing

Improve interaction with offline customers.

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Event Marketing

Special marketing template for events.

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Brand Awareness

Personalized brand exposed, widely spread on social medias.

Improve Marketing Growth

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Effective interaction to enhance user stickiness

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Game + sweepstakes create a faster and lower cost for customer acquisition.

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Improve customer conversion efficiency.

Check Out Our Work

CNY Interaction Campaign


Unique Design and animation effects.


Social Media sharing available.


Curated design template to meet your objective.


Leads generation & tracking.


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Wedding E-Invitation


Unique Design and animation effects.


Make your invitation message more interactive and personal.

Less Hassle

Template design provided, save time and effort.


Easy RSVP management and tracking.


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QR Gift Card


Make wishes in video/photos.


Storage up to 5 years.


Customize your own wishes


Easy to use, no app needed.


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What People Say

It helped me to save at least 1.6 service crew.

Kabloom | Enterprise Package

Since 2018, we have used the Stica gift message management system. Overall, we’re really pleased.

There are three key points.

1: The system is reliable and no faults occurred in a year of use.

2: It helped us to save a great deal of money. In the past, our customer messages were addressed by handwriting / printing by customer service crew on greeting cards, which was time-consuming and labor intensive! For instance, Valentine’s Day has many orders, we can’t handle it at all, mistakes are often made, and many complaints have been received for this.After using this system, customer service can process a customer’s message in 5 seconds. It help us to reduce customer service costs.

3. 90% of people directly place orders delivery to the recipient. The recipient scans the QR code on greeting cards to see the messages. They can also see our brand information, which makes our brand reach a rate 60% higher than before. Lastly, the customers are very impressed and satisfied.

Our brand exposure rate been increased by 60%.

Daisy Clio | Ultimate Package

There have many clients ask us to write messages for them, and it is common to write hundreds or thousands of words directly. Some people may have too many messages and the messages are unable to fit the greeting cards! it is not effective and very time-consuming. After using the Stica gift message management system, this problem was perfectly solved! Our staff no longer have to spend any time to deal with these tedious things, and then have more time to follow up other customers who enter the store. It helped us increase our revenue by 10%.


The hosting period is based on your package.

No. Data cannot be edited once uploaded. Therefore, make sure you check your preview before submit.

No. Every contents uploaded in the sticker are non-editable. Make sure you check preview before upload.

Yes of course! kindly email your ideas to or find us via livechat. We are always love to hear that!

There will be limited to 20 images with not exceed 30mb.

No. There will be only video and text OR images/gif and text in a single sticker.

There will be limitation of 30mb per sticker and estimated 2-3min video can be uploaded in a sticker. 

If your video has exceed 30mb, you can compress your video and upload again.

You can select your sales package for your business HERE.

Can’t find the package you need?You may email your inquiry to or find us via livechat.

What is Stica

Stica is a professional QR Tech service platform specializing in helping corporate in different industries to reduce information management costs through QR Code, improve marketing and management efficiency.

We provide QR Code Generation, landscaping, printing, statistics, management and other technical support.


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